Spring awakening at

KaffeeKlatsch Klosters



KaffeeKlatsch is the place for exquisite coffee, a healthy breakfast, homemade cakes, regional and international lunches, a cold beer or a fine glass of wine.

You can find KaffeeKlatsch Lounge just down from the Klosters Platz railway station and right next to the Gotschnabahn or KaffeeKlatsch Easy next to Coop in the Bahnhofstrasse.

Spring awakening

Still skiing or just listening to the singing birds?

We at KaffeeKlatsch Klosters welcome all our guests, whether they’re skiing or not.

During the cold days we bake as much as we can for our guests and we do so with all our heart. The Klosters region is offering so many fine delicacies and you will get them all freshly prepared here.

You can find authentic treats like Grandma used to make and we also love creating new inventions for you every single day carefully prepared by our appreciated and experienced team members of KaffeeKlatsch Klosters.

And very best of all we are offering you all this in two different locations with our typical cosy Kaffee Klatsch atmosphere*: KaffeeKlatsch Easy and KaffeeKlatsch Lounge with its newly opened Sports Bar and new Sun Terrace which offers a lovely view over the river Landquart.

* Each location is as unique as our guests: young or old, local or from further away. We guarantee you a wonderful experience.

Enjoy your favourite drink on one of our sofas and you can feel like you are in seventh heaven here in Klosters. That’s what KaffeeKlatsch is all about.




KaffeeKlatsch Lounge

+ new Sun Terrace

+ Sports Bar                                              

Located next to the station and Gotschnabahn

Open daily from from 8.30 am to 6 pm

Beauty sleep KaffeeKlatsch Lounge from  9th April 2018 till beginning of July 2018     


KaffeeKlatsch Easy

Located in the heart of Klosters next to Coop                               

Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm

22nd April 2018 till 6th May 2018 Spring sleep KaffeeKlatsch Klosters Team




Start your day like a king with great coffee, delicious muesli, fresh juices and home-baked bread all prepared lovingly every day. We source our milk, eggs and cheese locally and therefore they are full of fresh mountain air giving you enough energy to last through the day. 


Do you have an appetite for creative, cultural cooking? Whether you fancy just a snack, an authentic Swiss or Asian dish, allergen free, vegan or just good wholesome food, our culinary creations made from sustainable ingredients are prepared with care. Everything is freshly made in our Kaffee Klatsch Klosters kitchen.


Carpe diem!  Spoil yourself and make your choice from our counter.  Our home-made pies, pancakes, waffles and ice cream delicacies are easy to match with one of our master coffees or exquisite tea selection. There is always plenty of choice to treat yourself at Kaffee Klatsch Klosters.



A variety of 30 different top quality coffees are ready to be carefully prepared and served to you on a silver platter: from an intense black Ristretto, Cinnamon Latte or a white Macchiato, all made with love. We even have take-away cups for when you are on the go.  


Kaffee Klatsch Klosters is the place to be to enjoy a delicious cup of tea. Darjeeling, aromatic Mint, Ayurveda, Cool Lemon with Hibiscus or Lemon Gras are just a few of the exquisite teas to choose from. It’s these tasty little moments which can make your day even more special.

Wine & Drinks

You’ll be pleased to know that we also offer alcoholic drinks. You can choose from a fine selection of wine, homemade cocktails or just a refreshing beer. Our drinks menu has many different options to choose from so just sit down and relax in either our Kaffee Klatsch Easy, or Lounge, the Sports Bar or Sun Terrace. Welcome to Klosters!



What's going on in Klosters

In the Coffeehouse & Lounge in Klosters: Social Family Event or After Work Party as a way to get ready for the weekend or as a closure fun to round off to your vacation week. Whatever your reason may be for coming to Kaffee Klatsch next to Gotschnastation, we would love to help you celebrate any of your event ideas. We have the right vibe, with or without alcohol and you can be outdoors enjoying the sights or nice cosy inside by the stove.

Private Events

What about renting our private lounge for your evening event? We can arrange it to your individual taste with catering and service included for any social occasion such as a business team meeting or a private event like a wedding or birthday. Our private setting includes delicious food and the best wines. Your hostess Dominique Maier will be happy to advise you personally.